Boost Programm 2013-2014

Activated Images


Pictures of our MUDAM performance

what an experience to perform at the MUDAM’s 10th anniversary, with the audience all around and under the glass pyramid.

Thank you for this blessing


Happy to announce that beat’n’shine will perform again at the 10th Anniversary of MUDAM on the 2nd of july 2016

beat’n’shine performing at Paradiso Lussemburgo, 56th Venice Biennale Luxembourg Pavilion

17th of May 2015

Pictures by Jesus Ubera of our performance at The Palest Night


by London based photographer and videographer:

REVIEW of The Palest Light at Tripspace Projects by IndigoMemoirs – Experiential Londonocity

REVIEW of The Palest Light at Tripspace Projects by IndigoMemoirs – Experiential Londonocity

Amazing pictures by photographer Mathieu Rousseau for the 3 du Trois by Trois C-L, thank you to both of them!


ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagehere Mathieu Rousseau’s website, to discover his fascinating work:


where’s the melody

my go on the guitar
Finland, February 2014


garage band, 27th of june 2013